Gillion Reads: Eagle and Crane

*RECIEVED FROM NETGALLEY Article featured on The Nerd Daily: Eagle & Crane takes place during the Great Depression, pre-World War II, and more importantly during the Japanese Internment Camps. The story begins when a plane is found with two men dead inside and the only suspect is Louis, who used the plane to wingwalk back… Continue reading Gillion Reads: Eagle and Crane


Gillion Reads: Bruja Born

**RECEIVED FROM NETGALLEY Review featured on The Nerd Daily: Bruja Born is the second book in the Brooklyn Brujas trilogy by author Zoraida Cordova. We follow Alex’s sister Lula who tries to bring back her now ex-boyfriend from near death after a bus crash that happened on the way to a soccer game. Not only… Continue reading Gillion Reads: Bruja Born

Gillion Reads/Watches: A Wrinkle in Time

There are some cases where the movie is better than the book. A Wrinkle in Time was this case. A Wrinkle in Time is about a girl named Megan who wants to find her missing dad but finds him in a way that she never thought she would find him before. Book Review: The book was confusing to understand… Continue reading Gillion Reads/Watches: A Wrinkle in Time

Gillion Reads: Ash Princess

**RECIEVED FROM NETGALLEY **REVIEW POSTED ON THE NERD DAILY I have received Ash Princess thought Netgalley (thank you so much by the way) and when Elise (our amazing “boss” (I put this in quotes because I’m not sure what you want to be called)) sent out what books we wanted to review, this was… Continue reading Gillion Reads: Ash Princess

Gillion Reads: What Blooms From Dust

**ORIGINALLY POSTED ON THE NERD DAILY WEBSITE     What Blooms From Dust is about a man named Jeremiah Goodbye who is known as the “Coin Flip Killer”. When his death sentence gets blown away, literally, he has a second chance at life. He comes home to only find out that the infamous Dust… Continue reading Gillion Reads: What Blooms From Dust