Gillion Reads: Cress

Cress, by Marissa Meyer, is the 3rd book in the Lunar Chronicles series. Each book follows a new person who has to help Cinder, in this case it is Cress. Cress was a bit of a struggle to read because it was a long book and I had a lot of stuff to do around the time when I was reading it. Enough about me, let us talk about this book.

Plot- Cress is a girl who is trapped up in a satellite ever since she was little. She only has technology to keep her company. Being surrounded by technology equal being an awesome hacker. She is trying her best to communicate with Cinder and Thorne about Levana’s plan. When Levana orders Cress to track down Cinder and her crew, things get a little crazy.


Cress: Our Rapunzel in this story, hacker, and has a huge crush on Thorne.

Thorne-  Wanted fugitive, befriends Cress, is a part of Cinder’s crew.

Cinder- Wanted fugitive, cyborg and Lunar, Princess Selene.

Iko- Cinder’s android, only friend since the beginning, bubbly and is always happy.

Scarlet- Literally a useless character in this whole series, she was terrible. Oh and Wolf’s girlfriend.

Wolf- A wolf hybrid who is Scarlet’s boyfriend.

Dr.Erland- The doctor who helped Cinder since the beginning and told her that she was Princess Selene.

Levana- The villain in our story, fiancé to Kai, queen of Luna.

Kai- Emperor of New Asia, fiancé to Levana, still has a crush on Cinder.

Jacin- Who knows who he is.

Sybil- Levana’s assistant.


Cress and Thorne- God this is my favorite relationship in this whole series. Cress is like a fangirl in a way. She stalks him, knows everything about him, and falls in love with him. Cress is me in a way. Cress was like any other girl when meeting a famous person because she goes crazy but tries to keep cool with all of it. Thorne does a perfect job of trying to keep her safe and showing her the world. They have perfect chemistry with each other despite their mistakes. Thorne did everything he can to make sure that Cress was okay and every girl or guy needs a Thorne in their life.


I don’t remember a hype for this book, but I really felt it if I’m a few years late on reading it. I feel like the POV’s were great. Each of them were carefully portrayed and stayed with the plot line and there were no plot holes throughout the book, which I like very much. Cinder made her decisions with the bad end out in front first even if it did end badly like how she imagined. The book as a whole was amazing to read and I can’t wait to see what Winter has in store.


Scarlet and Wolf. Wolf was a complete mess and a cry baby because Scarlet is away doing other things. Scarlet is the only character I do not like throughout this whole series because she doesn’t really offer anything. Yes, your grandmother did something cool in all, but did you see how Levana and Sybil reacted? They did not give one flying care about your grandmother. Can we also just talk about Jacin, too? I personally didn’t like him because he just kind of came out of no where. I wish he did have a proper entrance. I still don’t understand why he even joined if he went back to Levana anyway.


I gave this book a 5/5 on my Goodreads account for many reasons. Cress and Thorne, Cinder’s planning, and the event that happened in the book happened for a reason. Although I was confused in a few place, but they were resolved in places throughout the book. It was a very thought out book and Meyer knew what was going to happen. OH BEFORE I FORGET, we also see a glimpse of Winter. Winter is a very strange girl who reminds me of Meleane Martinez’s character, Cry Baby, from her first album (in case you haven’t listened to it please check out her music). I will talk more about her once I read Winter. Until then, I will see you guys later!


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