Gillion Reads: The Heir


Plot- The Heir is the fourth book in the Selection Series by Kierra Cass. The book follows America and Maxon’s daughter, Eadlyn, who is holding a selection when Illea goes in a monarchy crisis. It has been twenty years since they have removed the castes (how a family is classified based on their economic status, I think) and the country is practically rioting. Maxon thinks that the country needs a distraction, Eadlyn is 18, so it practically works out, right? Well no, Eadlyn thinks that she does not need 35 boys to pick from to fall in love with. Her and her father make a promise saying that if she does not find her mate within three months, they can call it off.


Eadlyn- The selector, daughter of America and Maxon, does not want this selection to happen.

Maxon- Father of four and husband of America, king of Illea, wants the selection for Illea’s sake.

America- Mother of four and wife of Maxon, queen of Illea, thinks that the selection would be good for Illea and Eadlyn.

Ahren, Osten and Kaden- brothers.

Neena- Eadlyn’s maid.

Aspen- royal guard, close to Maxon and America, husband to Marlee.

Marlee- close to America, wife to Aspen.

Camille- heir to the throne in France.

Suitors (the ones that were mentioned that stuck with me):

Kile- son of Aspen and Marlee, lives at the palace, somehow got in the selection, close to Eadlyn.

Hale- realist, not really much about him to say.

Henri and Erik- Erik is not in the selection but is Henri’s translator, both from Swedenway.


Eadlyn and family- This one is different for me because in The One you saw how close America and her dad were. This book you saw the relationship between both mom and dad and they both gave off the same vibe, which I liked. Eadlyn did not want this selection to happen at first because she didn’t want to fall in love with a complete stranger, then it somewhat grew on her. She soon started asking her family members, including mom and dad, on what to do. You also see the interactions between her two, she didn’t really talk to Osten a whole lot, brother in the book asking for their opinion and advice on certain things. I am an only child and other than asking for my parents help, I ask my closest friends who are like my siblings for help and advice.

Eadlyn and Kile-  This one was fun to watch because all of the stuff you see them do together, in your head you think that they should just go out already… WRONG. Kile is concerned for Eadlyn and her safety whenever something happens and she just brushes it off saying that it is fine. Sometimes I just wanted to slap her and say GO OUT WITH HIM AND CHOOSE HIM DAMNIT. Yes, Kile does have a slight advantage to the selection because he did grow up with her, but at the same time he doesn’t because they haven’t talk a whole lot until the selection was actually going to happen.

Eadlyn and Hale- Hale is someone who I just say why to. Ever since with what happened at the dessert scene, we never saw to much of him after that. I wanted to see more of him and I was sad when I didn’t see his name pop up when they had the group dates. Hale is a realist, blunt, and pretty damn honest because he said what was on every guy’s mind throughout the whole selection. Eadlyn overlooked every word that he said and then we saw her crying two paragraphs later. You can say I wasn’t to fond of Hale.

Eadlyn and Henri- GOD HENRI IS SO CUTE. I personally loved Henri and Erik when they were with Eadlyn, but I have to talk only about Henri in this one. Henri is just so bubbly and oblivious, like Cress hah, to everything around him, yet he is so afraid. He speaks very little English, and when Eadlyn noticed that she started to have sympathy and help him. When they kissed, I was like YAAAAAAS.

Positives: I mean, there weren’t really a lot in this. You did see Eadlyn come out of shell when talking to a few of the boys. Everyone else hates Eadlyn, but I like her. She stands for her own opinion and she does what she thinks is right. She isn’t like America from the last three books who does things without thinking (The Elite is a prime example). She has the whole situation play out in her head with a positive or negative outcome. She tries to handle everything in the best, royal way possible.

Negatives: Um, the ending is one of them (which I will get into in my video), and half of the suitors. That moment with Jack, I was like OH HELL NO. I still don’t know how he got in the selection. Along with that other guy who kept looking at Eadlyn’s boobs? Thank god he is gone, too. I will probably go more in depth with my negatives once the video is made and uploaded.


I gave this book a 4/5 because of the end, the suitors, and the rise and fall of events. It will go really slow, then next thing you know there is a fight going on and I was like whaaaaat? It was a whirlwind of events and they happened way to fast. And I was soooooooo not ready for that ending.


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