Gillion Reads: The Only Pirate at the Party


I live in a somewhat small town in Illinois and I subscribe to getting emails from Anderson’s Bookshop (just a few miles away from where I live) and I got an email that I thought I would never get. I remember that exact moment even. I was sitting in my U.S. History class and I just took my final. Being the nerd and workish person that I am, I checked my email. The email that I got was an email to see THE Lindsey Stirling (and Brooke S. Passey) do her book talk, meet her, and get a signed copy of her book. The whole room was silent because people were still taking their final, I was screaming in my head. I started to text my mother about it because I love her music to death. So you can say I met Lindsey and Brooke. So I did read her book throughout February and it was the only book I read that month. It took me forever for some reason but it was worth it.

The book was an biography, with the help of Brooke, covering Lindsey’s life and mentioning the passing of Avi (a close bandmate to Lindsey which still makes me sad). It talks about how she started playing violin, her life as a Mormon, and how she became who she is today. I love reading autobiographies now because I get to know the person who I loved for so long a lot better. I feel like I am in a coffee shop just discussing life things over a double chocolate chip no whip frappe at Starbucks, and yes that is one of many orders that I get there.

The way Brooke and Lindsey wrote this book was very humorous in parts that were supposed to be. They also knew when to not be humorous when talking about a serious subject. They way that they wrote it is that Lindsey would pour out her thoughts about a certain subject and Brooke would add a little glitter here and there to the subject. Lindsey was that Peter Pan and Brooke was the Tinker Bell.

I gave this book a 5/5 because I learned a lot about Lindsey even if I have watched all of her videos and music videos. It is a quick read despite me taking so long for me to read it.


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