Gillion Reads: The Crown

The Crown was a fun book to read, but also very stressful for me, whoops. I was reading this while a craft fair was going on that my mother was in and it was pretty messy. I was screaming, I’m exaggerating here although I would have screamed because of what went on during the book, and yelling out things that people were starting to go away from our vender. Okay, so let me rant about this book real quick.

Plot- The Crown is the last book of the Selection Series and we open up with Eadlyn grieving over her mother after her heart attack. She was worried sick about her mother, oh and she had a selection to run as well. She made her choice to the Elite (the final six) and now she must choose who shall be her new husband.


Eadlyn- now Queen and her heart is very confused.

Maxon and America- former King and Queen of Illea.

Brice- Eadlyn’s supervisor basically.

Neena- Eadlyn’s sidekick.

Josie- Eadlyn’s enemy until a certain point.

Marid (I think that’s how you spell it)- Eadlyn’s unknown enemy who is only in it for the crown.

Erik- Henri’s translator and loves Eadlyn


Gunner- The suitor who didn’t get enough limelight at all.

Fox- The suitor who loved Eadlyn.

Hale- The suitor who was closeted.

Ean- The suitor who was also closeted and never said much.

Kile- The suitor who was Illea’s favorite.

Henri- The suitor who will stop everything for Eadlyn.

I am not going to get into relationships because there was so much that happened and we really did not see anyone breakthrough. Most of my rambling thoughts are in my video review of The Crown ().

To sum up my thoughts: I was not ready at all. I also kind of summed up my thoughts on my Goodreads as well (link in the menu bar all the way down).


I did give this book a 4.5/5 because of Marid and how we didn’t see him throughout The Heir and I wish we did so we see him develop versus seeing him develop in 278 pages. That and it was a roller costar of event that were going up and up.



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