Gillion Reads: Curse of the Sphinx

A few months ago I saw a person (@readbooksread on YouTube) did an opening for a book. But this wasn’t any old book mail opening, she was promoting a book. She was promoting Genesis Girl (I forgot the author’s name) a new Young Adult (YA) novel. She was doing the promotion through Grace (@lovingdembooks) for her Booktube tours. Meaning you sign up, get chosen as a host, then you have to fill out an application for the book that will have its tour coming up, the application gets sent to the publishing company, and then if they approve it; they would send you the books. It sounds a bit intense and a lot of work, but it is all worth it in the end. The author has already been following me on Instagram and she has sent me her duology and here I am giving a review for it!

Curse of the Sphinx is about a girl named Hope who has the curse of the Sphinx, a Greek mythological monster. Hope’s grandmother did not want to marry the god Apollo. Apollo got mad and then put a curse on not only Hope’s grandmother, but her offspring as well. The offspring can not fall in love or they DIE. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUN. Hope and her mom, Leto (goddess of motherhood) are moving from state to state to escape the Skata and try to stay hidden from society. After Hope’s mom is killed, Hope moves to Goldendale, WA and tries to live off of the radar and be invisible. Then Athen discovers her, along with Haley, and a whole bunch of other people.

That was a lot, but it was worth it. The book only had 324 pages which should have been a quick read for me, yeah no. I had no time reading the books because I was so caught up with AP English work, Girl Scouts, and trying to get my life together because I start college in a year. Anyways, let’s talk about this book.

The book was all over the place in the beginning. The beginning took place when Hope’s grandmother denied Apollo and then Apollo put the curse on the family. I had to read that section at least five times because it was so confusing. Then we meet Hope and I love her so much. Hope is just a kid who is trying to adjust to the things that are going around her, but every time she does, she has to move. The reason why Hope and her mom have to move so much is because a monster called the Skata are after them. They are specifically targeting Hope’s family because they have the curse. Hope moved three times in the book until Hope decided to stay in Goldendale, WA.

After Hope and her mom move to her second town, Hope’s mother falls in love with one of Hope’s classmate’s dad, very weird but just watch. Hope had stayed at the second house for only a 1-2 months and they already have to move. Hope’s classmate found out something that Hope never would have thought that she would find out. It was soon then that Hope’s mom had died because. . . she fell in love. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUN.

I didn’t see that coming one bit, not at all. So after that, Hope decides to live on her own but still keep in touch with her aunt Priska. Hope then attends Goldendale High School and then it begins; life. Hope is trying her all time best to keep herself and life on the down low. When confused me too is that they all live in modern times, but it is also mythological too. It is just like the Percy Jackson series except it focuses only on a few specific monsters. They have a mythology class and regular classes, just minus Camp Half-Blood. It took me awhile to realize it because everyone was saying things like (one of my favorites) “Hell on Hades,” and I was like, this is normal then. It isn’t like Percy Jackson where they have the mist to cover some thing up here and there. This however is just normal for them.

Another thing I really want to cover is Athen and Hope, #Hopen . Athen is trying his hardest to become friends with Hope, and I completely understand that. That is how I am sometimes. Hope is just denying the living crap out of him because she has no idea whether or not if she has to move. I understand that too, but give him a chance. And when she did, I jumped up and down on the inside because I was so happy. Their relationship is really cute, until Athen revealed soooooo much in the end.

Not only is his dad Hermes, but he is also immortal. Then once he found out that Hope was the Sphinx, he lost his shit. He still forgave her in the end, but that does explain some things. When Athen saw the scar on Hope, he lost it. When Hope said that she was the Sphinx, he lost it. Over all he is just a person that wants to know every little thing about Hope. Now don’t get me wrong, he does strongly care for Hope, which I don’t mind at all. But if she wants to keep some stuff from Athen, then she has every right to keep that from him. They are a cute couple though.

OKAY LET US TALK ABOUT THE ENDING. The ending was Athen and Hermes talking about how Hermes wanted Hope dead, but Athen is so in love with her, then Hope pulls in the driveway, and scene. I can see why Hermes wants Hope dead because not only is she a Sphinx, but he just wants her flat out dead. Overall I did give this book a 4.5/5 stars because I wanted to see more of Hope and her mom because her mom got killed because there was a time-lapse and I wanted to see more of Haley and Hope too.

My book video is up already on my channel and I will see you guys later with a review for Demigods and Monsters.


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