Gillion Reads: Demigods and Monsters

Since I got not one, but two books from Raye Wagner, I have to give this awesome book a review too!!

Demigods and Monsters is this second book in the Sphinx series and it picks up from where the first book left off. Hope drives in the driveway of Athen’s house and finds out that Hermes, a.k.a Athen’s dad, and finds out that Hermes basically wants Hope dead and captured. Athen doesn’t want that so Hope decides to do what she does best, flea the scene and start over. Hope then moves to Seattle and tries to start over, again, but also wants to break her curse. The only thing she has to do is go into a conservatory and pretend that she is a demigod. We also get some new characters as well.

I didn’t talk about it much in my video, but Aunt Priska doesn’t appear a lot in the book because her and Hope had this big argument, hence why she is now at the conservatory. Aunt Priska is just getting over protective at this point because of Hope, and I understand that but it is getting annoying. The poor girl is seventeen and she can handle just about anything. I understand that you are looking after her for safety because she is basically a wanted fugitive in the demigod/monster world, but let her live. Hope will come to you if she needs it.

Another character we see, but then we don’t anymore, is Haley. Haley was Hope’s best friend in the first book, Curse of the Sphinx, and then we only saw her a few times in the book. Haley was a flat character from the start and I really wish we did see more of Haley in both books.

OKAY BACK TO THINGS. So we meet Xan when Hope runs into him at her apartment that Hope is currently living in. I don’t know about you, but Xan seems really hot. He has an accent guys, a fricky fracky accent. Like he seems really hot and I need him in my life. I was a stetchy about Xan at first the way he was acting towards Hope, but I still don’t know about it. Xan has this personality that was just a little too much. I feel like he could have been less flirty.

I won’t dive into the rest of the book because I realized that I didn’t finish the review. Over all the tension was high because of Hope trying to hide who she really is and pretend she is a demi-god. I did give this book a 5/5 and I really want to read the novella because I feel like it will explain a lot of things from both the first and this book. There is a third book coming out (according to Goodreads) and I am also very excited for that book.


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