Gillion Reads: The Death Cure

In my head, I thought the movie would still be in September, but it is moved to February instead due to Dylan’s injury. But the book was short and I decided to give it a read.

The Death Cure is the third book (and final before The Kill Order and The Fever Code which are prequels) in the Maze Runner Series and it follows the same gang arriving at the Haven. The one thing they learn is that not everyone is immune the brain eating disease, the Flare. And one of those people who isn’t immune is fricky fracky Newt. Seriously, James? Out of all people to choose in this series you pick Newt? Anyways, so then they offer to give the gang their memories back. Which also made my jaw drop because they delivered that after telling everyone who isn’t immune to the Flare. Next thing you know, rebelling happens.

Everyone except for Thomas, Newt, and Minho retrieve their memories, but here is my thing. The whole gang never says what they remembered from their past. The book would either have been longer or shorter than what it already is, which is 324 pages. It would have been a lot better because Thomas and Teresa (who got her memory) could have pieced things together since they have worked together in the past.

The other thing I want to touch is where the heck is Teresa? She is barely in this novel at all. She appears at least in three pages for the fifteen that she was in. I personally never liked Teresa because she didn’t really do anything throughout the book and kept leaving. Which I also didn’t like. Teresa said that Thomas abandoned them but Thomas said the other way around. Now that I am really thinking about it, I honestly think that Dashner was trying to come up with lines for Teresa.

If we really think about it, our main focus throughout the whole series is Thomas. Yes, he is the main character and we do have some other ones, but we are just trying to finish off this story. Teresa hasn’t really been the main focus in this story, except The Maze Runner. Dashner was just looking for another girl character, not including Brenda because she wasn’t introduced until the second book, so the boys can experience what it is like to see a girl and other crap. The focus has shifted over to Brenda because Brenda does no abandon people and she hasn’t experienced life on the Glade at all. Teresa ended, and SPOILER ALERT, dies as a flat character.

Another thing I would like to touch is Newt. Our precious, precious Newt. WHY THE FRICKY FRACKY DID YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE NEWT, DASHNER???? It does not make sense in a way because in the second book, The Scorch Trials, all of the characters had little things that describe them based on their personality with the group. Newt’s was the glue, indicating that he holds them all together, in which he does. But when we all find out that he is not immune to the Flare, you see a dramatic change in his personality. He has lost hope in just about everything and just wants to get out of where he is. Towards the middle of the book Thomas leaves Newt behind because Thomas doesn’t want him to be found, yet he is captured and taken to the Crank Palace, I think that is what it is called. Waaaaaaay before that Newt gave Thomas a note that we did not find out what it said till after Newt dies.

Newt’s death meant a lot to Thomas because that was his best friend. At this point he has lost so many people, from Alby to Winston even to poor Chuck. We find out in the end that the note had said for Thomas to kill Newt if he were ever to become fully crazy. And when Thomas did in fact kill Newt, a part of my heart broke a bit. They have been friends for so long (even though the time lapse is most likely a month or so) and the fact that Thomas did do that made me sad. If I were given the, in this case, demand to kill my best friend, I would say no. I understand that the person is suffering and they want to be out of their misery, but their death effects everyone.

There are other things that I do want to touch, but I can just say them without going so much in depth with it.

  • Why is Gally back? I still don’t get that.
  • Can Brenda stop acting so flirty?
  • Did Thomas even grieve after Teresa’s death? Because I see no tears coming out of him.
  • WICKED can honestly suck it because they are jokes.
  • Minho needs more screen time too.

Over all, the ending did not really satisfy me because I was practically expecting this big ending and all we got was them escaping and then time lapse to them on a field and Thomas does not think one thought of Teresa or Newt. He is so focused on Brenda and trying to get his life together and I’m like, you have come so far and you don’t even think about the past? I gave this book a 4/5 stars because it did leave me hanging in a few places and Thomas was doing things without thinking which also drove me insane  bit.




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