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Gillion Reads: The Last of the FireDrakes

Once again, on a Saturday about a month ago, I have received another book for the book tours that Grace over at @lovingdembooks. The book I have received was The Last of the FireDrakes by Farah Oomborhoy and published by WiseInk Creative and Publishing. Let me say this before going on into the review, this cover is one of the most beautiful covers I have ever seen. Okay, let’s dig into this.

So the book is the first of its series, and I can not wait for this series to kick in. The first book is about a girl named Aurora and she finds out that she is the long lost princess of Avalonia and she just found out (like I’m not kidding, they spilled the beans within the first fifty pages of the book) about it. She also finds out that she is an extremely rare person called fae-mage, meaning that she is half fae and half mage. Both of which have very powerful powers, put the two together and kabam, one of the most powerful things ever. Then it turns out that Queen Morgana wants to kill her because of her family bloodline and she wants this really powerful book that can harvest a demon that is very powerful. So Aurora is trying to figure out who she is along with stopping Morgana.

So that was very powerful along with a lot to take in. The book itself was an interesting read because it was different. I am saying different because it was different. Different as in the plot was different, the way the story was going was different, the characters were different, etc. I can compare it to Mortal Instruments: City of Bones because both Aurora and Clary are similar, even with the bright red hair. I do like the characters and how the mingled and had great chemistry within each other. Although there is one thing I need to point out; I did not like Aurora.

Aurora was cool at first towards the beginning, once she started to get used to the environment  that she was in, then she just became whiny. She was being overdramatic with situations, in which I can pull a lot from. She always strive to be the best and it does get annoying. Aurora is like that one person in a classroom who does way to much on a project, aka me. Then Aurora will take it to the next level and her friends will calm her down but she says no and does it anyways.

Over all the book will have a sequel (the author has confirmed it) and I am very excited for this because the book did leave on a cliff hanger in some sorts. I did give this book a 4/5 stars and I really can’t wait to see where this goes and where the author takes it.


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