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Gillion Reads: Buffering

Yes, a book written by a Youtuber who I did not meet (if you are one of my friends, you know I meet a lot of Youtubers and I couldn’t meet Hannah because I was at a Harry Potter festival). However, Walmart did have signed copies of the books and here I am writing this review for you.

Buffering is Hannah Hart’s second book, her first being My Drunk Kitchen , and it talks about her childhood with her mom not being diagnosed with schizophrenia, a mental illness which involves the person to see and/or hear voices and/or things. She also talks about her coming out as a lesbian in college, how she started YouTube and dealing with her mom and her personal life.

I felt like reading Buffering different versus reading other YouTuber books like Binge by Tyler Oakley (who I met) and A Work in Progress by Connor Franta (who I did not meet but wish too). Tyler talked about his life progression and Connor did also. Hannah mainly focused on her mom and how it affected her life. She and her sister now suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) because of what happened in their childhood.

Hannah also talked about coming out (of the closet) with confidence. Hannah was still trying to figure out her sexuality in high school until she decided to experiment in college. She soon found the confidence after talking to girls who have the same sexual orientation as her. Reading coming out stories, even though I am straight as a line, makes me happy because coming out is like finding yourself in a way. Hannah decided to experiment and after talking to the girls, she realized that she wasn’t the only one.

Overall, I did give this book a 5/5 stars on Goodreads and I did enough the 272 page memoir of a fellow Youtuber. Here is the link to my full video review and I will see you guys next time.



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