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Gillion Reads: Illuminae

Illuminae probably had to be one of the most over hyped books I have ever seen (along with many other books) last year. I decided to finally read it after months of waiting till the hype was done and now realizing that their is a second book that just came out. So, let’s talk about this.

Illuminae is a series of case files regarding a planet getting invaded and their are three ships. One of which is getting attacked by another ship causing them to kill thousands of lives. Another thing is that an airborne virus is now turning people into people who they weren’t before, not zombies but something different. Kady and her now ex-boyfriend, Ezra, are now onto to the drama that is going on between the ships and to save man kind.

I really tried my best to explain the symposia of the book because books like that make me really excited. I went into blind into reading this and it was a good thing that I did. I didn’t like Kady that much because you can tell that the romance was coming back which I did not like. I feel like a romance in a sci-fi, let alone any book that has an awesome plot line, does not always need a romance. See, I feel like a relationship in a really good book gets in the way of things because not only are you so focused in on the plot, but now you’re so focused in on a relationship.

Another thing I want to briefly want to talk about is AIDEN. AIDEN was a computer program software that would help out the ship if needed. However, any computer software can be hacked. In this case, Kady did hack it. Hacking saved countless amounts of lives, don’t get me wrong, yet every good and awesome thing, comes a terrible worse thing. Yes it did save lives, but it kinda did something else which was bad, crash a ship.

I don’t want to get to much into the plot of the book because it was pretty straight forward. One thing I want to talk about is AIDEN having errors in certain parts of the book. It made sense for him to have errors because he is a computer software. Once AIDEN started talking to Kady and having these intimate conversations with her, he started having errors again. He also said (paraphrasing here) “Is this what (insert emotion here) feels like? ERROR,” and this made me think that he was feeling emotions and the software wasn’t just picking it up. I told my mom that theory and she said that it did make sense because it is mentioned many times in the book towards the end. She does agree with me on that theory. I do also want a prequel about AIDEN (authors if you are reading this please make it happen).

Over all I did give this book a 5/5 (almost 4.75) because of the ending and how it just made me want to know what happens next because I do want to see more things from Ezra, Kady and his mom. Until then here is my video review for the book



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