Wrap Ups

November Wrap-Up


I only read two books, I know I’m falling behind with my usual books per month, but they were both 5/5 stars.

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff: (summing it all up in as little of words as possible) Aliens invade, people go on ships, ships have some shady drama, a girl cracks the code and finds EVERYTHING out. I did love this book and did see the hype in this book because it was so gooooooood. It was very different since it was told in IMs, computer links, a computer software, letters and so much more. People, you need to read this book.


Buffering by Hannah Hart: A memoir by the girl who drinks till she’s drunk and bakes food. Hannah talks about how she came out of the closer with confidence and how her mother has affected her life then and now. This book talked about one main thing (her mom) and sticks with it. She does talk about her other adventures and does go back on the topic of her sexuality and then back to her mom. Again, read this book.




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