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Gillion Reads: Let It Snow

I have been having this book since God knows how long now and I have finally set to read it because it is a Christmas read and you can not read a Christmas book when it is not December. So I have finally read this and I did not like it one bit. Let’s talk about why I did not like it.

The book is three short stories that are sparked via a snow storm that hasn’t been as bad as it was fifty years ago. The book is a collaboration between John Green, Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson. The first one is Maureen Johnson’s section, The Jubilee Express, and it is about a girl named Jubilee who has to go to Florida after her parents got arrested because of a store riot. Her train is stuck in snow and she travels to a Waffle House to meet Stuart. Oh and she has a sucky boyfriend who is a complete dick.

The first story sucked. That’s all I’m saying. This girl brakes up with her boyfriend but then kisses the other guy five minutes later and falls instantly in love with him. WHAT?! Dude, that is sooooooo dumb of you to do that. Like take a break. I gave that one a 2/5 stars.

The second one was called A Cheertastic Christmas, I don’t even remember because it was so stupid and it didn’t make any sense to me, and that was written by John Green. I was slightly expecting something to do with cheerleaders and someone from the Waffle House to fall in love with but nope. This one is about three people going on a journey to the Waffle House, the same one that Jubilee went to, and bring a Twister game because the cheerleaders are bored.

What. The. Actual. Fuck? THAT IS SOOOOO BAD JOHN! Did you run out of ideas? Did you sign a contract committing yourself to write a plot that included cheerleaders? Johnny boy, you could have done better. The plot made zero sense. He used the word retarded in the text as an insult, which just put the cherry on top of why I did not like that one short story at all. But it had a cute ending with some lesbian love so I gave it a 1/5.

The last one was written by Lauren Myracle who I grew up reading and hers was The Patron Saint of Pigs and this story was the best out of the three. This one is about a girl named Addie and she has to get a teacup pig for her friend but it turns out someone else bought it already, some how. I feel like this story related to me so much because everyone in the book talks about how Addie is so self centered and I am a bit like that so it was nice to see someone else who was like that and had the same problems as I did.

Okay, this is where it get’s complicated. So Jubilee met Jeb, who is Addie’s ex, on the train that got stuck and Jubilee left Jeb to go to the Waffle House. On that same train the cheerleaders also went to the Waffle House. The gang from the second story also went to the Waffle House. They all managed to show up at the Starbucks that Addie works at and they all some how knew each other. Then Jeb and Addie meet again and get back together.

Over all I did give this book a 2.5/5 stars because of the third story and it was just a whirl wind and it didn’t take me that long to read so this one was another quick read. Until then here is my video review for it and I will see you guys later.



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