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Gillion Reads: Six of Crows

Six of Crows was one of those books where it was really over hyped, like Illuminae, and I didn’t want to get myself into it because I don’t like to assume that it is really good based on everyone’s good, raving reviews of it. So I waited at least a year to read this and I decided to finally read it after putting it off for almost a year.

Six of Crows is written by Leigh Daburgo and is taken two years after her other trilogy and it follows six people set out on a huge heist. That’s all I can really say because it get’s really complicated from there. I was actually offered to read the first book in the Grisha Trilogy, curtesy of Anderson’s Bookshop, but I said no because it didn’t really look or sound good. Now it is super popular and I’m just like noooooo. Then this book came out and it got really popular real quick and I was like nooooo not again. So I was cautious when buying this book. Now did it meet the hype?

The book was told in six POV’s which drove me insane because it would switch to a POV when the person from the last POV is standing right next to them. Plus it would also give a backstory which didn’t have a smooth entrance other than the little image that would separate something to move into the next event within a chapter. There was so much to keep track of too, like seriously make a prequel to explain half of these things.

AN- I really don’t remember much since making the video review so please bare with me for the short post.

Over all I did give this book a 4/5 stars because of the ending and it did leave me on a little cliffhanger a bit and will I read the next book? Not so sure, I don’t mind not reading it but I will read it so I can see how this all ends. Until then here is my video review.



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