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Gillion Reads: The Girl on the Train

I was being the normal Gillion (which is being in my room with either a cup of milk or tea on the table while watching YouTube or reading) when Connor Franta talked about how he “read” (because audiobook) The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. It did look good based off of the cover and the summary he gave about the book. Then the trailer got released and I’m like I WANNA READ IT. I finally got my hands on it at Goodwill and had to persuade my mother to buy it. So now, here I am in a hoodie and sweats typing my review.

TGOTT (I will be typing the book like that to save me time and effort) is about a girl named Rachel who finds out that one of her friend’s has gone missing. However, it all ties in with her ex-husband, bitchy new wife to the ex-husband, and the missing woman’s distressed husband. Rachel knew Megan, who is missing, because she met her at an art galley that she owned. Megan knew Anna and Tom, bitchy new wife and ex-husband, because Megan would babysit Anna and Tom’s baby. And all of them are tied in in some form.

Yeah, that’s crazy. TGOTT was slow in the beginning because it was all an introduction to what was soon going to add up in the end. We see Rachel drinking and being depressed all the time because she lost her job due to her being drunk and losing her husband because she was “too ugly and sad” all the time. It’s really sad to see what a major thing can happen to a person.

Okay, now for this sick twisted ending. Tom, out of all people, murdered Megan. Now I had nooooo idea that this was going to happen nor did I ever suspect him. Once I finished the book then things started to add up. Tom didn’t want to Rachel to bother the family because he didn’t want Rachel to find out. Tom wanted to get away and go on a holiday because he didn’t want to get caught if he did. Little things like that, I just came up with all of them, add up in the end.

Overall, this book was amazing to read. Slow at first, but it is worth the wait. As for the movie, I have not seen it yet (I know it has been months but bare with me people). Other than that, a video review should be going up soon.


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