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Gillion Reads: Tell Me Three Things

I would not have read this book if my mother said that she was lazy on reading it. So I decided to pick it up for her and read it and tell her my feelings of it. She had to read it because as an English teacher and now apart of the book club that they are in they have to read YA books. This being one of them, so I decided to read it.

Tell Me Three Things is about a girl named Jessie who moves to a new preppy school in California after her mother has died and her dad found a new woman to marry just shortly after. After she moves she receives an anonymous email, known in the book as S/N (Somebody Nobody) after moving in her new school and home. Until then she has to adjust to her new mom and stepbrother, her new school and making new friends.

This novel was super SUPER cliché. It had a love triangle in it, since Jessie is trying to find out who S/N is and she thinks it’s two people, Liam and Ethan. It has your classic girl drama between Jessie and Gem aka Liam’s girlfriend (who seriously names their child Gem? But then again who names their child Gillion? The world may never know). You also have the occasional family drama as well.

Honestly, this book was enjoyable but it was so predictable. I have always known that (SPOLIER) Ethan was going to be S/N because that is how it usually works in the novel cliché world. Plus you see the most chemistry between the two, not including Liam, in the book. I mean it would make sense.

I did give this book a 4/5 stars. I have the same feeling about this book as I did with Six of Crows when I read that. I mean it was a good story but I did not love it. Until then I will see you guys later.


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