Book Reviews

Gillion Reads: The Land Without Color

As most of you guys know I have a YouTube channel. I only have 84 subscribers and one of them happens to be an author. He was ever so kind enough to send me the first two books in his series. The first one being The Land Without Color.

TLWC is about a boy named Alvin who gets popped (quite literally) in a mysterious land that does not have any color what so ever. It is his job to not only get out of the strange land with no color, but to go back home.

This is a middle grade novel written by Benjamin Ellefson and when he emailed me giving me the description of the email I was so happy and I was laughing because of the summary from both books. Both books are very quick, a little over 100 if not 150. The only thing that bother me was how quick they were. Towards the beginning of the book, Alvin is stuck in jail, but within a few pages later, he is out. Then I had to think, that is has to keep the attention span of the child reading it. The book itself is in chapter book form but still has some photos in it. The illustrations are amazing and HELLO DIVERSITY BECAUSE WE HAVE A MAIN CHARACTER WHO IS AFRICAN AMERICAN.

Overall, I rated this book a 5/5 because it was amazing and it had a good moral in the end.


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