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Gillion Reads: Before I Fall

*This is the review I gave to The Nerd Daily and I did not want to write a brand new one so here you go*


Before I Fall is one of Lauren Oliver’s well-known novels aside from her Delirium trilogy. As a person who loves book to adaptation movies, I usually like to read the book before the movie. The book is usually better than the movie, however sometimes the movie can be better than the book.

Before I Fall is about a girl named Sam who is your usual popular girl in a high school who dies in a car accident on February 12th. However, instead of dying instantly she wakes up to have the day replay over until something is done. The concept sounds very sci-fi because it has been played out in several before in TV and movies. Oliver did do a good job with this book; do not get me wrong, it’s just that it could have been done better.

Sam is a part of a well-known clique in her high school and her and her friends are praised as if they are the Regina George and her minions at that school. Oliver does a good job at depicting what high school is really like and that is what not a lot of YA contemporary authors do. Many high school setting novels they always have one of the not well known kids beating the popular kid, but this is switched around.

Sam is a popular girl who turns on her friends to find out what is going on. It turns out that there has been some girl drama involving a girl named Juliet who later commits suicide which is a crucial point in the novel. Sam does end up stop reliving her days and resolves the conflict, but does it end happily? You read it and find out.


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