Gillion Reads: 13 Reasons Why

Once again, I am reading a book that should have been read a long ass time ago. I read it then so that way I can watch the new Netflix series that is based off of the book. Note, I had a pre-written review for the book so here we go.


13 Reasons Why is one of the most read Young Adult books on this earth. It is translated into over 35 languages and one of Jay Asher’s best books. The book is about a girl named Hannah who commits suicide but leaves behind tapes for the people who have caused it to them. One of them being Clay who listens to the tapes. Each tape represents a person, meaning Clay is on the tapes. Each person on the tapes not only is roasted by Hannah but also is also involved with several events that had happened within her life. With the new Netflix series out, I decided to give the book a go.

First, I do not like Hannah Baker. Hannah could have been written better and not have the attitude that she had throughout the whole book. Yes, she is trying to make the person on each tape look bad and seem like a horrible person, but come on now. However, Clay was probably the most realistic person written in this book. You feel so sympathetic for him because he has no idea how or why he is on these tapes. Each character was written for a certain personality we see in almost every high school. You have the creep, the popular one, the jock, and just about every other personality you see in every high school movie or book.

Each person plays a vital part throughout this whole story and is connected to Hannah in some form of way. From Justin to Courtney to even the creepy Peeping Tom in the book each character was written perfectly, except for Hannah. The ending is probably one of the most heart wrenching things I have ever read. The thing about topics like suicide is that any person can play such an important role no matter how long they have known the person. The book is not the best but an okay representation of a person who has/is having suicidal thoughts. The book is phenomenal and everyone should be able to read it some point in their life time.



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