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Gillion Reads: Salt to the Sea

2017 is going to be the year that I read the popular books, one of them being this one. I have also set up a genre per month, March was historical fiction. It is now April and I need to catch up with my blog posts.

Salt to the Sea is Ruta Septey’s newest novel about a group of people trying to escape the horror of World War II. One of them is pregnant, another worked for Dr.Lange, one is a nurse in training, and the last is a selfish pro-Nazi brat. Their lives get collided when Alfred’s ship is taking refugees to a better life. That is all I’m going to say.

Ruta writes only in historical fiction, but writes her books in the history that not a lot of people know about (hence why I am going to major in history). Ruta does cite her sources and does her research and it is amazing what happens and what the teachers in our schools don’t teach. Her writing is just brilliant in general and I must read more of her books.

The hidden romance that is in this book is so underrated and I did sense it. Florian and Joana make a fantastic duo. Emilia is just a sweet heart but probably has to be the strongest person in the group. She was only 15 when she had her child, 15! Not only that, but the way the characters (not including Alfred) just clicked just made my heart melt just a little bit.

It is obvious that I gave this book a 5/5 stars and I really want another book with these characters in it. Reading books like this make me happy that I am going to be a history major.


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