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Gillion Reads: The Great Sugar War


The Great Sugar War is the second book in The Land Without Color trilogy. I was sent this and the first book this winter and I realized that it is spring and I haven’t even written a review for this.

TGSW is about Brandon going to school and he now knows what happened in the land without color. But when a teacher says that Brandon is wrong and needs proof that what she is saying isn’t true, Brandon goes back to the land and looks for proof to prove the teacher wrong. Brandon then finds a book about the Great Sugar War which involved Brandon’s great grandpa. We then dive into the world once again to relive the Great Sugar War.

Just like the last book, it was so quick paced. It took some time, which I thought it needed because it did say that about the first book, with certain events that took place in the book. The illustrations in the book were fantastic and I still love them just like I did in the other one. The characters were phenomenal and worked awesomely together.

I gave this one a 4/5 stars because I have a strong feeling that the third book will be a fantastic conclusion to the trilogy.


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