Why I Can’t Watch 13 Reasons Why Anymore

The hit yet controversial show Thirteen Reasons Why has taken the world by storm. So much that it is coming back for a second season. The reason why it is has gain so much controversy is because of the way it is treating suicide. People are saying that it is “glamourizing suicide” and that is not how it should be portrayed.

As a girl who has mental illness and has dealt with this topic; here is my opinion.

When reading the story, I honestly did not like Hannah one bit. Seeing Kathrine Langford play her gave me hope because she can portray Hannah better than how Jay Asher did. Don’t get me wrong, Jay Asher is a fabulous writer and I give him praise for writing this book. But this could have been handled a lot better.

As a person who has mental illness and has had suicidal thoughts, seeing a show like this did not effect me until the beginning of the sixth episode. The episode has Alex and some other guy whose name is not important fighting and key people like Courtney, Jessica, Justin and Clay all watch and do nothing about it. This shows that people are afraid to speak out for what is right until a teacher, in this case a consoler, had to break up the fight because no one can save a persons life.

Another thing is that the last episode, which was just the tip of the iceberg, is that it talked a key point on not just Hannah’s suicide, but almost every other person who has committed suicide.  It was their choice to kill themselves. However, it was also the person’s choice to say those things or post that one thing online about that person on social media or to their face. People don’t kill themselves for the thrill, they kill themselves because they want to end the pain. They cannot just move away and hope for the best.

All of those people who were on the tapes, except for Clay because he is precious and is the saving grace, had a right to be on the tapes because they have influenced Hannah’s death by doing something to her that had effected her emotionally, mentally, and/or physically.

Now here is my opinion on this whole romanticizing or glamorizing suicide crap; it isn’t. It is not doing any of those. It is showing that one person could have saved another persons life by doing something. It could have been a hug or a simple hello to start off a conversation. It talks about how a person can just simply ruin a persons life by saying a few words.

Don’t get me wrong, Hannah could have also saved herself in some of the problems. But at the same time she could not. By not speaking up, taking Clay as an example, Hannah could have still been alive. Clay does play an important part in this whole thing. With a new plot line of Hannah’s parents suing the school, which was not in the book by the way, Clay is the only person who truly knows Hannah. By him not saying anything to his mother when she asks about Hannah, he is letting himself and Hannah’s family down.

My overall statement is that I cannot continue watching the show because the triggers are there and I cannot help and watch someone not just the justice that they deserve.



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