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Gillion Reads: Milk and Honey

Yes. I have finally read the hit new collection of poems.

I normally don’t read forewords because they are usually in old books that publishers would republish so that kids can read them in their English classes. However, this foreword was written by Kaur herself. It talks about her life and WHY CAN’T MORE AUTHORS DO FOREWORDS AND NOT AUTHOR’S NOTE. Forewords are like a person who is watching HBO and they show all of the stuff to look out for while you are about to watch the show. I personally loved this collection of poems, and here’s why.

Milk and Honey is Rupi Kaur’s first novel and it is split up into four parts which talk about several topics that we see on social media and the news everyday. The magic of this book is that everyone loves it and yet it talks about several heavy topics. Don’t get me wrong that it does glamourize a bit of each topic, but it comes from the gutting truth of Kaur. Filled with illustrations on almost every page that match perfectly with the poem.

This may seem like a short review, like the book, but that doesn’t mean that I love it. I treasure this book like it is my life.  Everyone on the face of the Earth should read this book and see the world through a woman’s eyes.



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