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Gillion Reads: Drag Teen

The title says it all.

Drag Teen is about a boy named JT who is convinced by his boyfriend to enter in a Drag Teen Race scholarship. JT has been denied every scholarship imaginable and is just about to give up until Seth shows him this. Heather, their friend, and the two gays go from Florida to New York for the race.

I really wanted this book because fricken drags. First of all, I have not seen any other novel that features drags other than this. This novel gave me so much life. However, every book has a problem. JT and Seth didn’t have much character development and it bothered me. Like we only saw them happy and disappointed in each other. Half of the time they were just yelling and all three of them were in a different world until their car breaks down midway through. I didn’t know Heather was fat until they made a comment about her diet and I’m like was that really necessary?

Overall, I did like this book a lot and I was so happy that this book was made and I hope to see more books that feature drag characters. I gave this one a 4/5 stars.


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