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Gillion Reads: P.S. I Still Love You

This is the second book in the TATBILB trilogy and let me tell you, this book was better than the first one.

PSISLY is about Lara Jean and she is half way done with this high school life. She gets back from her vacation from the last book and finds out that someone had taken a photo of her and Peter while they were in the hot tub. Lara Jean is devastated and Peter is willing to stop who ever did it (if you had read the book everyone knows that Gen had done it). However, a person from Lara Jean’s past makes a visit and is here to stay while Peter is keeping secrets from Lara Jean.


First of all, John is a sweet heart and Lara Jean needs that in her life. Second, I still like Peter and he has a special place in my heart but what he did to Lara Jean was a total shit move. Third, Gen can honestly suck Lara Jean’s ass because she is a bitch regardless of both of their pasts.

The reason why this is way better than the first book is because it had more character development than the first one. The first one we saw everyone getting to know each other which made me happy. The second book, we saw how everyone mingled with each other and let me tell you; they mingled.

Honestly, I am Team Kitty because Kitty is so sweet and I love her to bits. John seems like a very sweet boy and I need a John in my life. Peter just seems like the best guy friend that I will love. Josh I don’t even care about anymore because he is irrelevant to the whole trilogy.

If you couldn’t tell, I gave this a 5/5 stars again and I really hope that the final book is the same way so that way I can have a solid 5 star series.


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