Gillion Reads: Big Water



Big Water is about the fictional story of the real-life story of the only two survivors from the Asia. Christina is escaping from home after the incident of her brother’s death. When the ships crashes, Christina goes overboard and gets knocked out. When Daniel pulls her into safety, they both realize that they are the only two left alive from the Asia. You get to see their experience unfold along with their character development.

This book is like if Life of Pi met Salt to the Sea (which is another book I highly recommend). The book was full of suspense and adventure but also felt a little off. We got introduced to so many side characters then they just died right after so we, the reader, can forget about them. The only thing that was mentioned multiple times was Christina’s brother’s death. He died from consumption, which I actually had to look up since I had no idea what that meant medically, but we do not know what he consumed that caused him to die.

I felt like the whole romance that was going on felt unneeded. With plotlines like that I feel like it takes away the whole focus of the story. I usually do not like books like that but they only had two little romantic moments in the story and that is about it. I gave this three out of five stars because it was a memorable story and it could have been so much better (the paperback copy is 192 pages) if it had more detail to the story. I understand that it is a historical moment in history but not a moment where it is taught in schools because it is not that known. It is a short story that I read during my spring break and it was perfect.


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