Gillion Reads: Brave Enough


See here is the thing about tropes, if it is a common one done in a common way, then I most likely will not like it.

Brave Enough is about a girl named Carson who finds out that she has cancer in her leg after a ballet audition. It also follows another teen named Davis who is trying to remain sober after the death of his ex-girlfriend. He to also survived cancer but his drug addiction nearly killed him. The two meet at the hospital while Carson is getting treatment for her leg.

Don’t get me wrong, the story of Carson is absolutely heartbreaking and I cannot imagine going through something like that. It is just the way the story went made it seem like one of the tropiest tropes I have seen in a long time. I feel like almost every cancer story I read something has to happen, in this case it is Carson’s leg getting removed after an accident in the shower. Then it follows that her physical therapist says that she should try the ribbon acrobatic thing that I for some what reason cannot remember the name of.

I also did not like how we the reader had to be reminded that Davis was a drug addict and how he thought about it constantly. Almost in every chapter, it mentions that Davis needs to take drugs just so he can feel at ease. I am not a drug addict nor have I taken drugs, it’s just that I feel like I do not need to be constantly reminded that Davis was once an addict and I am literally sick (no pun intended) of reading about it

This story is just a person who loses something that she loves but also gains it back in a way.

Overall rating 3.5/5


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