Gillion Reads: Brink of Darkness


See, I did not know about a sequel until I saw this on NetGalley.

Brink of Darkness takes place a little after the first novel, The Edge of Everything, when X is currently in the Low Lands while Zoe is trying to get X out of the Low Lands, but it will take more than just a walk in the park.

I forgot how much I loved this series. The old cover for the first one did not match what the story was going to turn into but the new covers for the first and second one did. I forgot how dark this series got and how much adventure it had when reading it. I had a ball reading this and I hope for a third book. I did forget a little on what the series as a whole was about so I had to check Goodreads for that, but nonetheless it was still good.

If you have not read this series, I do recommend it because not a lot of people in the BookTube community have read it (from the people I have subscribed to) and it is a good series. It does kind of remind me of Thor a little bit just because of how X’s world is built.

Overall rating is 4/5 stars


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