Gillion Reads: Son

Here is my thing about series that go on for a little too long, at some point you had to think, is this too far of a stretch?

Son is tying together all of the stories from the last three novels into one while adding to another story into it. We follow Claire who gives birth to a boy that has been taken away and is trying to get her back. Mind you, she gave birth at age fourteen. However, she does not know his name.

Listening to this on audio was a ride because I was shocked to see what happened throughout the rest of it because of Lois Lowery’s writing. She created a new world in which almost no other author had created during that time and how popular it got. Now almost every other YA novel takes place in a dystopia.

I feel like tying all of the other stories together gave us, the reader, closure? I put a question mark next to it because I think we did not need it. I feel like there will be some other people who will want it and some other people may no. I personally think that we did not need it.

As a whole to conclude my final thoughts within this series, it was great as a single novel, not a series.


Overall rating is 3.5/5


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