Gillion Reads: Deogratias: A Tale of the Rwandan Genocide


When reading this, I realized that I never read an ARC that is a graphic novel.

Deogratias: A Tale of Rwandan Genocide is about a boy who is trying to survive the Rwandan genocide and falls in love with a girl. The graphic novel does mention the
Kool-Aid drink that poisoned so many people within that time frame and it is terrifying to see that that actually happened.

This novel is definitely not for kids. It does have strong language and some nudity (it has been a long time since I have looked at it). I would say that this is a great thing to read for a history course in high school but not JR High, unless if they are mature enough for that topic. The main character does go from a dog back to human to give that literal personification that he is treated like a dog. I did not get it at first until midway through the book and I was like “now this makes sense.”

Overall rating is 3.5/5


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