Gillion Reads: Going Off Script

*GIVEN TO ME BY EXPRESSOTOURS/PUBLISHING COMPANY **WILL INCLUDE EXTRA MATERIAL Dude, this book was everything. Going Off Script is about Bex and how they are interning at their favorite show and things go a little haywire. Bex's script gets not only stolen but also straight-washed. Bex leads a rebellion that may cost them their internship.… Continue reading Gillion Reads: Going Off Script


Gillion Reads: If You Ask Me

*RECEIVED FROM NETGALLEY The history major in me was very happy that I got this. If You Ask Me is a series of questions and answers from Eleanor Roosevelt (who by the way was FDR's cousin) during when her husband was in office and when she was a columnist in a newspaper. The book was… Continue reading Gillion Reads: If You Ask Me